Reinventing natural gas with plasma technology

We’re changing the future of natural gas by decarbonizing the infrastructure and using it to produce zero-emission hydrogen and high-value graphene.

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Solving the methane crisis with plasma technology


Methane is massive MASSIVE

Fugitive methane emissions are the second-largest contributor to global warming.

Methane is devastating DEVASTATING

Methane is 86x more damaging to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.

The methane problem is urgent URGENT

The Global Methane Pledge calls for a 30% reduction in global methane emissions from 2020 levels by 2030.

Natural Gas Plant

We need to take immediate and significant action to reduce methane emissions, but the challenge is that our society is also highly dependent on it.

Natural gas, a leading source of global energy, is made up of 97% methane. While it’s a cleaner-burning fuel than coal or oil, it still releases carbon emissions – and worse, the natural gas infrastructure is notorious for emitting methane into the atmosphere.

Global natural gas consumption has increased more than any other fossil fuel since 2000, and demand for energy will only continue to grow as countries work to improve quality of life. There’s no time to dismantle our existing energy infrastructure and rebuild on a global scale, and certainly not at the speed required to meet climate milestones.

U.S. Natural Gas Consumption

What if the problem could actually be the solution?

With Rimere's advanced plasma technology, we can reposition natural gas as the answer to both climate change and our energy future.

Our two devices decarbonize the existing natural gas infrastructure and transform it into a vital clean hydrogen solution. And in the process, we also create graphene—a new material so groundbreaking that it completely revalues natural gas reserves.



The Mitigator targets fugitive methane emissions within the existing natural gas infrastructure.

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The Reformer turns natural gas into clean hydrogen and graphene, without creating any CO2 emissions.

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Rimere is the only company that uses sequential hybrid plasma technology to deconstruct methane (CH4) at a molecular level before recombining the elements into valuable new compounds.

We first excite the methane molecules to an ionized state, and then use high voltage and high frequency arcs to crack the ionized gas under an induced electromagnetic field.

We essentially "zap" methane with plasma lightning to break apart its molecules, and then reconfigure the molecules into cleaner alternatives.

carbon + hydrogen methane molecule

“By decarbonizing the natural gas pipeline that already exists, we can rapidly achieve the clean hydrogen solution the world urgently needs.”

Mitchell W. Pratt, CEO

Rimere Plasma Arc